Space. Sunday School. Service.

Space. As we prepare to move forward with significant changes on our campus, we currently have limited space in several key ministry areas of our church. By duplicating our Sunday School offerings, we will create more space in many of our cramped classrooms. This will also allow us the opportunity to balance the gathering worship services and provide more space during the often cramped 10:30am hour. Simply put, more space means more people. Currently, our visitors and guests could walk away from our services feeling unwelcomed because we have no place for them. Opening up space, opens up opportunities and allows more friends and neighbors to find a place to be and belong at Pioneer Drive!


Sunday School. The best way to grow as a church is to start new classes. This purpose filled season will allow us the opportunity to create new groups inside of our large community of believers. Many who have not connected to a small group, or who have chosen to step back from one that they used to be connected to, will now have new opportunities to connect and grow. We will be able to focus specifically and with intent on reengaging our entire church family in Sunday School which we consider vital to our identity and mission. Offering a second hour of Sunday School will also make it easier to attract and incorporate new members. Visitors will find a place them where they will be recognized and engaged. Ultimately, more available options will ensure that everyone can find a place to connect and belong!


Service.  In order to maximize our ministry in these new classes and growing worship services, we will need to recruit, train, and equip new volunteers in a variety of roles. We will need more people leading and supporting our ministry efforts than ever before! Our growth will create a variety of opportunities for people to not merely spectate on Sunday morning, but to participate in deeper levels of ministry. We are our best when every person connects with their giftings, and then begins using those giftings to contribute to the mission of the Church. This season will allow us to clearly provide multiple opportunities for new people to join with our amazing ministry teams to ultimately serve the Kingdom and see people’s lives changed, all to the Glory of God!