Building Relationships

Beyond Our Walls

that Ignite Discipleship

We want to help Pioneer members build relationships outside the walls of the church and outside of our comfort zones, and help Pioneer members become leaders and learners in discipleship. At the very center of what it means to be a Christian is leaving a place of comfort and moving into the unknown, so you and others can grow with God.

At Pioneer, we love to work in partnership with like-minded individuals and organizations where God is already doing great miracles. Here are a few of our favorite local and global partners.

Servant’s Heart Ministries Guatemala

Bob and Georgette Kornegay lead Servant’s Heart Ministries in Guatemala. They focus on building small houses for people in need. They have begun a ministry digging wells in local communities to provide access to clean drinking water. They also minister to widows and orphans and support a local orphanage. They host mission teams as well.

Graffiti 2 Community Ministries

Graffiti 2 Ministries is a part of the Graffiti network of ministries in New York City. Graffiti 2 is a Baptist church in The Bronx, New York. They offer ministries to people of all ages in their community. They offer after school programs and summer programs for children and youth. They also help adults with micro-enterprises and adult learning, as well as hosting community-wide events.

The Rafiki Foundation

Doug and Carolyn Krupke are a part of the Rafiki Foundation in Nigeria. The goal of the Foundation is to train Africans to transform Africa for Christ. They are dedicated to education with local schools for children, teacher education, and theological education. They support widows through micro-business development. They also care for orphans in children’s homes.

Sparrow's Nest

Sparrow’s Nest is a crisis pregnancy center located in Jayton, Texas. They are a residential pregnancy support for women in need. They help women who choose adoption with the resources they will need and support them through their pregnancy. They also help women who choose to keep their baby and help them prepare for motherhood. They offer GED support and coaching for future success.


The International Mission Board is the Southern Baptist mission sending agency. They send and support missionaries throughout the world. They offer training and support for missionaries who are church planters, community developers, and in support roles.


The North American Mission Board is the Southern Baptist mission agency that sends missionaries throughout North America. They are planting churches and offer other ministries within North America. They send short and long term missionaries.

Baptist Church Builders of Texas

Texas Baptist Church Builders is a group of Texas church members from various churches. They choose building projects to help small churches throughout the US. They volunteer time and money to complete building projects.

The World Hunger Offering

Through Texas Baptist, we contribute to the World Hunger Offering. They partner with over 100 hunger relief and community development ministries across Texas and around the world.

Underground Coffee International

Underground Coffee International works in south east Asia to provide a new source of income for local coffee farmers and a platform for building relationships with these farmers.

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