In the Prime of Life, Having the Time of Life

Doctor: What seems to be the problem Mr. Purvis?
Purvis: Well, I woke up this morning and nothing hurt.
Doctor: Nothing?
Purvis: No, not my hip, my back, my knees, my nothing.
Doctor: So what's the problem?
Purvis: Do you think I am still alive?

Guess what? At Pioneer Drive, the Primetimers are alive and well. At age sixty and over, you will find us alive, growing, becoming and looking forward to whatever God has for us. Since 1974, the Primetimer Ministry has blessed many lives. Today, we would like to be a blessing to you.
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Grow, Give, Get


Opportunities to grow are abundant at Pioneer Drive for Primetimers. On Sunday mornings you can select to attend any one of our twelve classes for people 60 to 90 years of age. Women's and Men's small groups are availble during the week. Throughout the year there are special Bible/book studies and retreats for men and women.


Opportunities to Give are abundant at Pioneer Drive for Primetimers. Many of the ministries (ie. Nehemiah, Bereavement) of the church are led by Primetimers. The annual "World's Largest Garage Sale" is staffed all day Friday by 50 Primetimers. Christmas projects at the Abilene State School are supported by the Primetimers. A wonderful partnership with Bonham Elementary School includes a Back-To-School Snow Cone Party, school supplies day, Christmas offering and much more.


Opportunities to GET are abundant at Pioneer Drive for Primetimers. To GET (Koinonia) is the intimate bond of fellowship that we enjoy with Christan believers and Christ. As Christians we love to GET together to GET ... fellowship!